"Memories, yes, that never go away. The only time they leave you is when you're under the sand blankets. But as long as you live, there are things that remind you of those days" - Mr D.S.
From a Centre for Popular Memory oral history project
South African Links
  Link   The Archival Platform
The Archival Platform is a research and activist organisation based at the University of Cape Town.

  Link   The Ulwazi Programme
The eThekwini Municipality's oral history and indigenous knowledge management project.

  Link   Centre for Popular Memory
The Centre is part of the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and is administered under the Graduate School of Humanities.

  Link   Department of Arts and Culture
The Department of Arts and Culture aims to develop and preserve South African culture to ensure social cohesion and nation-building.

  Link   National Heritage Council
The National Heritage Council strives to create an enabling environment for the effective and efficient preservation, protection and promotion of South African heritage for present and future generations.

  Link   Sinomlando Centre for Oral History and Memory Work in Africa
Simonlando started in 1994 at the School of Religion and Theology, Univ of KwaZulu-Natal, to develop a new vision about the history of Christianity in Southern Africa. Research/training areas include HIV/AIDS, gender and African traditional religion.

  Link   South African History Online
SAHO was established in 1999 as a not-for-profit organisation, to promote research; to popularise South African history and to address the biased way in which the history and cultural heritage of Black South Africans has been represented.

  Link   National Archives and Records Service (NARS)
The mission of the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa is to foster a national identity and the protection of rights by preserving a national archival heritage for use by the government and people of South Africa.

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