"Memories, yes, that never go away. The only time they leave you is when you're under the sand blankets. But as long as you live, there are things that remind you of those days" - Mr D.S.
From a Centre for Popular Memory oral history project
International Links
  Link   British Library Sound Archive
The Sound Archive collects audio and videotaped interviews as well as carrying out its own programme of life story recordings. As the national centre for oral history in Britain, we provide advice and training in oral history methods.

  Link   The British Oral History Society
The Oral History Society is a national and international organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of oral history. It encourages people of all ages to tape, video or write down their own and other people's life stories.

  Link   Canadian Oral History Association
The Canadian Oral History Association was formed to help the diverse individuals and groups who express an interest in oral history and to deal with these problems by providing a clearing-house for information and a link among projects underway.

  Link   H-Oralhist
H-Oralhist is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to oral history.

  Link   International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA)
More than 400 members from more than 60 countries represent a broad palette of audiovisual archives which are distinguished by their focus on particular subjects and areas.

  Link   The International Oral History Association (IOHA)
Worldwide network of oral history scholars, professionals, and researchers.

  Link   Japan Oral History Association

  Link   The Oral History Association (OHA) (USA)
The Oral History Association, established in 1966, seeks to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories. With an international membership, the OHA serves a broad and diverse audience.

  Link   Oral History Research Office Columbia University, New York
The focus of the Oral History Research Office collection is United States political and cultural history, but also includes large projects in the history of China and Argentina, and some scattered interviews on the histories of other countries.

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